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Bright Sun Yellow by guaglione Bright Sun Yellow by guaglione
Randomness. So I leave my house because a certain drugie sibling was buggging me; I was just going to do some sprint down cold spring. But ended up on a random ass trip. Cut trough Main street, up to and down Lincoln. Saw Timmy Lake(a friends father-orginally posted this on facebook for my friends), said what up and talked for a minute. Then flew out down Chestnut, swung around the post office on my way up to the rail trail. Some dude on his porch shouted something about that hill being huge, and I said I've done worse. Then down the rail washed out with freaking mud., up to Walnut park. Went up the main road-trail past the baseball and soccer field, and up the trail on the east side of the mountain to the look out over Swan Lake. The mountain is pretty flooded, but it looks cool with all the water steaming down every where. So I get up near that look out, the sky looks fucking amazing today. So I was going to go to the top, but I needed a picture of that before the sky changed in a minute like it does here. So went up down the right trail where it splits to go up to the top or left around it. I didn't bring anything because this was all unplanned, so I didn't have my helmet (which is always scary but thrilling). Went down with out incident, pretty fun. Crossed the field and down the road-trail out. Biked down Eagle and down 52 cut across by S&M on that turn, but swerved because freaking florist was flying down in his truck. Was like 'phew, least I just didn't get killed by a florist truck!'. So went down that road and by the old school! Which have defiantly changed! The science library look crazy, and I don't know what the fuck they did with that lawn! I just remembered the protest we had on it, ha! What the fuck was that even about!? ha. Then flew down cutting past the tennis courts, and what the fuck! They have a freaking path there now up from our Junior parking lot. Which is even paved how and has a legit gate.

So bounced back home, grabbed some food and my bag. Ate a banana going down the road, and cut by the older school(elementary),.. tossed the peel in the woods by that old staircase that lead to the path down where the playground use to be. So I guess some of it got stuck on my handle bars. And I just happened to be by the police station when I noticed, so I instinctively just chucked it off.. right into the police station window. Ha, so was like 'opps' and sped down from there a little faster.

So back up Chesnut, now. Down the other side of the railtrail up to Walnut, and that look up quick. Snapped some pics, with my dieing battery. Then I figured I would go down that left trail. Haven't done it before. So it looped me around to back to the some other train I knew already(still said fuck it to the helmet though I had it) and thought 'fuck boring' and cut off again to some trail I didn't know which lead me to some flooded out trail by the stream, but got back to that West side where it gets steep. Fucking swerved into a ditch, jumped off over my handle bars on my feet, and laughed.

That thing was mudded out, and my bike is covered in it. But I came out of there, down Eagle, where some kid outside a party at Michelle Maxwell's house said something about wet brakes to me I think. But, I went to cut by S&M again but a freaking car was coming and had to swerve again! And kind of fucking slide, probaly because of my wet brakes, ha! And my back tube busted.

Pssh so just walked to the school, and glided down Buckley with the last of my air, up to Dywer and down back home. ha!
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Kairi2805 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013
It Sounds like a good Adventure! ;P
guaglione Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013
:p it was pretty crazy.
Kairi2805 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013
I believe that :p
guaglione Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013
Kairi2805 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013
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